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We’re empowering african and asian companies, helping  asian entrepreneurs  to find profitable markets in Africa and for african entrepreneurs profitable markets in Asia, in order to benefit the most from the dynamic economy of Asian countries and the extraordinary economic growth of Africa.

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We’re creating opportunities by connecting you with more than 800 serious, qualified, experienced and trustworthy companies (suppliers-buyers) in nearly 50 fields: Industrial products, Packaging, Storage and Recycling, Office equipment and devices, Computer and electronic devices, Vehicles and spare parts , Clothing and Cosmetics, and much more.

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Being productive is what matters the most to you. So stop wasting time, money and energy and connect with more than 800 experienced and serious suppliers.

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Dominate your competitors by selling products of high quality. We provide the entire supply chain: purchase, transportation, customs and delivery.

Make your customers proud of you

Finding the best products at the lowest price is the dream of any business: we make this possible through the negotiation of partnerships with suppliers.

Buy and sell anything you want, anywhere in Asia and Africa.

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"In this highly competitive economy we need to keep our customers satisfied by providing an unforgettable experience. Today thanks to our partners in africa we're are able to offer the best coffee experience."
R. Hassan
"With a saturated local market and a declining economy, I was on the brink of bankruptcy. My company has come back to life thanks to my partner in china, which allows me not only to sell more but also at reasonable prices."
E. Kouame

“Africa and Asia are the future. Asia is the world’s leading economic power and Africa is experiencing exceptional economic growth.

It’s either you accept this truth and you grab the opportunities, or you close your eyes and see your business dying slowly.”

Ayl Dhybass, Founder & CEO

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