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DHYBASS Management LLC was created by Ayl Dhybass, who moved from his country Gabon to South Korea in 2014 for studies, through the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP).
He went to pursue his PhD in Management of Information Systems, and during his staying Ayl noticed an ever-growing need: many people leaving in Gabon and in Africa are regularly asking for information about the importation of vehicles, machines and various products from Asia (Korea, China, etc.) to Africa. On the other side, his asian friends willing to know the different opportunities in Africa were keeping asking about how to do business there.
Given all these demands, Ayl decided to create a platform that will allow asian entrepreneurs to find new markets in Africa and african entrepreneurs new markets in Asia.

“I’m one of those rare courageous people who face the facts and recognize that Asia and Africa are today the economic engine of the world. So I act accordingly.” Ayl Dhybass, CEO DHYBASS Management LLC

Your concern as an entrepreneur is to be more and more productive in this increasingly competitive global market. So you need real information about partners who can deliver quality products, in sufficient quantity, at a reduced cost and within a reasonable time.

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A dynamic team

Every day we give our best to deserve the trust of our customers and partners.

Effective strategies

Our goal is to help you retain your customers by selling the best products at the best price.

Serious partners

We think about the sustainability of your business. So we prioritize quality and safety by building a global network of elite partners.


It is around these fundamental values ​​that our corporate culture is built day after day:

Integrity and loyalty are the foundation of all practices and decisions at DHYBASS Management LLC.

With the ambition to become the leader in international trade between Africa and Asia, we act as a responsible company.

All employees of DHYBASS Management LLC have the duty of discretion inside and outside the company to guarantee our specificity.

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